• The Explosive Metalworking business segment is the world's leader in production of explosion welded clad metals. Our clad production plants in Europe and the USA are well positioned to serve the world's major fabricators of clad equipment reliably and cost effectively.
  • DYNAenergetics
    • DYNAenergetics manufactures and sells perforating systems for the international oil field, seismic prospecting and decommissioning markets. In addition, we conduct product and safety training courses and seminars in these fields all over the world.  Following this link will take you directly to the DYNAenergetics website.
    • AMK Welding is a leading provider of advanced welding services to manufacturers of aircraft engines, ground-based turbines and other specialized industrial equipment.  They are an expert provider of specialized welding processes, such as gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and electron beam (EB) welding.

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