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AMK Welding is a leading provider of advanced welding services to manufacturers of aircraft engines, ground-based turbines and other specialized industrial equipment.

AMK serves a blue-chip customer base, which includes General Electric Aircraft Engines, General Electric Energy, Rolls Royce, and other leaders in the aircraft engine and ground-based gas turbine market.

AMK Welding was founded in 1964, and purchased by Dynamic Materials in 1998 as a complementary fit with DMC's explosion welding business. Following its inception, AMK quickly developed a reputation as an expert provider of specialized welding processes, such as tungsten inert gas (TIG) and electron beam (EB) welding. AMK is a natural fit with DMC and its expertise in metallurgy and unique metals cladding.

AMK Welding, A Business Unit of DMCnadcappng1
283 Sullivan Ave.
South Windsor, CT 06074

Ph: 1.860.289.5634as9100-anab
Fax: 1.860.528.2472
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